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Fashion Hack : Genius alert!

For the 100th anniversary of Gucci, the brand and Maison once again surprises and amazes with a unique show brilliantly imagined as a "fashion hack" of its sister brand Balenciaga (another of Kering's Maisons) - an idea born from the mutual respect and admiration between their two designers, Alessandro Michele & Demna Gvasalia. Through that show that is already making history (called "Aria"), acclaimed designer Alessandro Michele pays tribute to the long heritage and history of the House, while playing with the House's codes and mixing them with the Balenciaga ones. Reinventing the rules of luxury once again.

"In this sense, Gucci becomes for me a hacking lab, made of incursions and metamorphoses. An alchemical factory of contaminations where everything connects to anything," [ shares Gucci Creative Director Alessandro Michele ]. "A place where thefts and explosive reactions happen: a permanent generator of sparkles and unpredictable desires. On this occasion, then, I want to honour my filial affection betraying the legacy that was handed down to me. Because the promise of a never-ending birth is only renewed through an evolving capacity."


Left : Demna Gvasalia & Alessandro Michele 's messages, brilliantly "mis en scene"

Right : one of Gucci's silhouettes from Aria's show, with the already iconic splash of mixed logos.

Credit : GUCCI Credit : GREG AVENEL

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