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Luxury Radar : the Luxury sources you should bookmark | Books & reports about luxury

Updated: Feb 28

For the last 20 years working in marketing, those who know me know that I have always been a marketing geek, always reading lots of stuff, articles, reports, books about branding and marketing and writing in - most of the times - a quite provocative way about the marketers little obsessions.

As I progressively specialised in Premium & Luxury, I got familiar with specific reports, authors, and platforms that helped me learn about that fascinating industry.

In the past 18 months, as I was creating, developing and rolling out a global Luxury capability program for a company, I started thinking that it was important for me now to share that "Luxury Radar" that I had built for myself, and make it available to every person who would want to understand, analyse and follow the industry news more closely.

It is not about showing off but more about developing our own point of view about the luxury industry, and, depending on the brand we/you manager, using the right tools and best practices to grow it the most relevant way.

So, here it is, "the" list of reports and authors you could start following and reading as you are either starting the journey into luxury or as you want to get a deeper knowledge and understanding of the environment you work in.

Please feel free to share more references and sources if you have any.


Deloitte - Global Power of Luxury 2020
Download P • 1.84MB

Altagamma x Bain & Cie

Bain-Altagamma Luxury Study 19th Edition
Download • 4.45MB


2019 Knight Frank Wealth Report
Download PDF • 8.48MB



Erwan Rambourg @ Jing Daily

Pam Danzinger @ Unity Marketing

Content platforms & Media


I particularly recommend "I'll drink to that" by Betty Halbreich

You learn so much about how to treat a customer in order to make him/her feel absolutely unique.

MOOC (free online course)

- I took it a few years ago, loved it, highly recommend it.



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