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The new luxury players you could be curious about right now

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

Luxury is bouncing back. Already. I have never stopped saying that. Actually a year ago when all of "this" happened, I remember thinking "Luxury will always be there". There are so many reasons to believe that, but one that I like to recall is that luxury has existed, under different forms and names, for decades and even sometimes centuries. If you take the oldest luxury brands that everyone knows, they have seen wars, recessions, economic crises, political crises and through constant reinvention, have survived, maintained and renewed their cultural relevance. Sometimes by digging into their past, sometimes by making giant leaps into the future, through innovation, acquisition or integration of new elements to their strategy (technology, sustainability, hospitality, circular economy/second-hand...). Once again, luxury is a space that is currently changing very fast, or more accurately, evolving very fast. And many interesting new players (goods, services, experiences...) are entering that space right now.

Just a quick disclaimer before you start reading the following : this post is just a list - and not even an exhaustive one (I couldn't even if I wanted to). It's just my list. Just some of the things and brands I currently have on my radar. That list won't say whether you should look into it (and actually, it's up to you to be curious and look them up!) or if you should consider them as potential partners. It is just a very personal list of players I find particularly interesting right now. Also, not all of them are new-news. But I do believe that in the world of today, all of them echo particularly well the recent evolutions & consumers' aspirations - and that they will grow massively in the coming years... Food for thought and for inspiration it is!


"Luxury brands that embrace the all-inclusive approach to accepting various payment options will ensure that they have the field covered for their wealthy clientele. It’s also a subtle sign of their interest in and respect for the latest innovative technologies." - Forbes


NFTs (Platforms)

Retail & e-retail

Brown's (Farfetch's physical store chain, with London's flagship opened on April 12th - with Farfetch engineering the store’s new approach, technology, high-touch services and customer engagement will be at the centre of Browns’ retail strategy).

Clothia (for their curiosity for NFTs)

Credit : VRAI

Good Goods (transparency, sustainability...)

and another "clean cosmetics" - and even "beyond clean"- brand : Tower28

Mejuri (jewelry)

Good services (ethics, inclusiveness, circular...)

Ultra Personalised services

AARMY (luxury fitness with on-demand workouts - with lifestyle component through their own line & collaborations)

The space by Talent Hack


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